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Please take a look around to learn more about me, my practice and procedures, and how I can help you and your family with your bone, joint and soft tissue problems.

Assuring you of complete orthopedic care through scientifically sound and most advanced treatment modalities with a human touch.
• Epidural steroid injection
• Root and Facet blocks
• Surgeries for PID(slip disc)
• Endoscopic spine surgeries
• Micro or minimal invasive surgeries( microdiscectomy or decompression)
• Vertebroplasty(osteoporotic fractures), Kyphoplasty
• Deformity correction(scoliosis/kyphosis)
• Total Disc replacement(TDR)
• Fusion(ALIF,PLIF,TILF,PLF,XLIF) for fractures, spondylolisthesis
• Intrumentation cages, rods and pedicle screws
• Surgeries for Kochs spine(tuberculosis) and other infective and malignant disease
• Revision spine surgeries
• Surgery for failed back
• C1C2 surgery
• Complex lumbar and cervical spine surgery
• Key hole spine surgery
• Complex spine fracture reconstruction
• All routine spine surgeries
• Nonsurgical back care
1. Member of bombay orthopedic society
2. Member of association of spine surgeon of india
3. Member of indian orthopedic association
4. Member of medical council of india
5. Member of rajasthan medical council
6. Member of maharashtra medical council
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